Wednesday, November 22, 2017

It’s a fact – plastic surgeons undergo cosmetic work too!

It would seem that nobody can accuse plastic surgeons of not practising what they preach.

It's a fact - plastic surgeons undergo cosmetic work too!

After all, the medical professionals – many of whom advise on and conduct hundreds of cosmetic procedures throughout the year – are no strangers to going under the knife themselves.

In fact, a rather large percentage of surgeons have enhanced their own appearance as well as that of their many patients. This is great news for those people who are considering cosmetic work but are worried that they won’t be in safe hands, because, as it turns out, their surgeon has probably been in their very shoes!

The American College of Healthcare Executives has carried out a rather interesting piece of research into plastic surgeons. It found that out of the 276 plastic surgeons involved in the survey, one-third of them had previously enjoyed at least one type of cosmetic procedure during their career. Much like many of their patients, they have been particularly interested in cutting down on extra weight. As a result, liposuction is the most common operation they’ve opted for with 18.6% trying it at some point. This will no doubt come as a relief to patients who are looking at having a similar operation to achieve their dream body.

Meanwhile, a higher percentage of surgeons have undergone less invasive procedures to improve their appearance. The research concluded that a hefty 62% have been the recipient of ‘minimally invasive work’. The most common was Botox, in an effort to shave a few years off their face to remain looking youthful.

There’s a growing trend where more and more men are deciding to improve their appearance with cosmetic procedures. This research also found that male surgeons are a firm part of this movement because 57% have enjoyed the benefits of minimally invasive surgery. This includes work such as lip fillers and hyperhidrosis.

You’re in safe hands!

You can rest assured that plastic surgeons don’t just conduct cosmetic procedures – they count on them too! Therefore, you’re clearly in safe hands when it comes to going under the knife. For more information on finding the right procedure for you, get in touch with us at the Belvedere.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Can cosmetic surgery improve your job prospects? Brits think so!

There are many amazing benefits linked to undergoing plastic surgery.

For instance, there’s the likelihood that a procedure – such as liposuction or a nose job – can boost a person’s self-esteem and help them achieve new levels of confidence. However, it would seem that a lot of people now believe that the advantages stretch much further than someone’s personal life.

Can cosmetic surgery improve your job prospects? Brits think so!

Beauty bias in the workplace

According to a survey conducted by the Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, 20% of people who consider going under the knife believe that it will improve their job prospects. The research found that a massive 72% think that there is ‘beauty bias’ in the workplace, while 28% of those surveyed feel that their good looks play a factor in them being treated more positively at work.

The 2017 report echoes similar findings from the past decade. In 2011 – just a few short years after the global financial crisis – Sky television aired a show called My Face My Body. This broadcast determined that 57% of men had begun to turn to procedures such as lip fillers and Botox in order to gain an advantage over others in the job market. At the time, presenter Stephen Handisides interviewed Dr Bob Khanna, who said: “Men are even happy talking about it. In this difficult economic climate people will look to get that extra edge on colleagues and a cosmetic treatment can give you that.”

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more widely accepted

This trend towards people desiring to look young and beautiful for work isn’t actually anything new. While it’s clearly becoming more widely accepted in the general public, actors and actresses have actually been having work done for years in order to gain roles and maintain their standing in Hollywood. In fact, in 2015, soap star Claire King admitted that she had a facelift to stay in favour with casting directors. After the operation, she told Closer magazine: “I’ve been working pretty much non-stop ever since.”

Will cosmetic surgery help you?

People undergo cosmetic work for numerous reasons – and you don’t need to explain your reasons to anyone else should you not want to. Once you’ve got an idea of what procedure you want, you can get all the information you need by getting in touch with the Belvedere Clinic.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

‘Menjections’ How lip plumping for men is on the rise

It appears that it may not be just women looking for a fuller pout, as cosmetic surgeons reveal that more and more men are opting for lip filler procedures. And the trend is increasing.

'Menjections' How lip plumping surgery for men is on the rise

While lip injections are no doubt predominantly requested by women, a huge rise has been noticed in the number of men choosing restoration surgery in order to appear more like their favourite celebrities, such as Harry Styles, Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt.

You only have to look as far as the numbers. During 2016, men who had requested cosmetic surgery had risen by three per cent compared to the previous year. Since 2005 there has been a staggering rise of 28 per cent.

That’s not including minimally-invasive procedures such as lip ‘menjections’ – this has shot up 74 per cent from 2015 to 2016. But what could be the reason behind these unprecedented rises?

A natural smirk

In a Daily Mail report, Miami plastic surgeon Dr Rian Maercks offered his two cents on these surprising statistics, going on to state that men may be flocking to get this type of surgery in order to get a natural smirk and a ‘proud’ lower lip.

A selfie culture

According to Dr Maercks, a narcissistic selfie culture may also be to blame for this dramatic rise: “Social media, dating apps, selfie culture… that culture has a big part of it. Even our politicians embody and celebrate narcissism – we have never been more encouraged to analyse our facial features.”

Within just a few months, ‘menjections’ became one of the most sought-after procedures in his clinic, going from just a handful of men a week to approximately five per day.

The procedure typically involves a plumping of the lower lip and a tweak of the base of a man’s nose, utilising fillers such as collagen or Juvederm, and requiring around four shots per customer.

In the age of social media and the selfie, it’s easy to see why more and more men are opting for the surgery. Time will tell whether it will become a common trend or a passing fad.

If you’re interested in learning more about lip augmentation, contact us at Belvedere today.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Sharon Osbourne’s attitude towards cosmetic surgery is infectious

Sharon Osbourne's attitude towards cosmetic surgery is infectiousSharon Osbourne has never been one to keep hush when it comes to her history of plastic surgery.

Now, the X Factor judge – who’s undergone numerous cosmetic procedures during her career – has insisted that every one of the operations was done to benefit herself and herself only. When quizzed about whether she was urged to alter her appearance to attract male attention, she told Event magazine: “I do this for myself. I spent years looking like an Oompa Loompa. I am not doing it to get a man.”

In the past, Sharon has confessed to undergoing a facelift, a breast reduction and a tummy tuck – amongst many other procedures. In fact, she once jokingly told The Sun: “There’s not much I haven’t had tweaked, stretched, peeled, lasered, veneered, enhanced or removed altogether.”

It would seem that Sharon’s attitude towards cosmetic surgery is infectious. After all, husband Ozzy Osbourne has also been under the knife because he was unhappy with his face. In 2005, he told Reveal: “It boosted my confidence no end. I’ve had a face job and a new nose.”

The rocker later promoted cosmetic surgery during an interview with Glamour magazine. He explained: “My philosophy is that if, when you look in the mirror, all you can see is the double chin or the big nose, and it makes your life easier to have them cut off, do it.”

Now, Grace Davies – one of Sharon’s acts on X Factor – looks to have taken inspiration from her mentor. Nearing closer and closer to a record deal, the talent show star is already weighing up the positives of pumping up her pout and mending some damage caused by anaemia. Last month, Grace told OK! magazine:“I would get lip fillers and I would definitely get a hair transplant. I had anemia and was really stressed at college and lost my eyebrows, eyelashes and some of my hair, which hasn’t grown back in places.”

Have Sharon’s words hit home?

If like Sharon you’re ready to make a change, then there’s no better person to do it for than yourself. For information on finding a procedure that’s perfect for you, get in touch with Belvedere Clinic .

Sharon Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne by jjduncan_80 licensed under Creative commons 4


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Kim Kardashian’s cosmetic surgeries

Kim Kardashian's cosmetic surgeriesKnown as one of the world’s most beautiful women and a hugely successful business woman – Kim Kardashian

has been open throughout her career in the spotlight about her plastic surgeries and the cosmetic procedures she’s undergone to enhance her look. With a life lived constantly in the spotlight, it’s no surprise she’s spent so much time and money investing in her physical appearance, with stunning results.

Below we’ve looked at her cosmetic surgeries from the last decade.

That bum

Kim Kardashian’s bum is the stuff of legend, inspiring people the world over to take to the gym, squatting huge weights, or opting for cosmetic procedures to achieve an incredible curve to their buttocks. In Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim went as far as having an x ray to prove she’d never had a butt implants, but with other cosmetic procedures, including fat transfer deposits or just a simple thigh and buttock lift, available, the chances are she enhanced her natural figure using other cosmetic enhancements. The shape and size of her buttocks have grown considerably throughout her career and been a constant source of fascination from the media, suggesting it’s been well worth her investment.


Whilst Kim puts her new nose shape down to expert contouring, it’s hughly likely she’s undergone a rhinoplasty. Looking at it with an expert opinion, it appears she’s had the bridge of her nose straightened out and slimmed down – a procedure known as a septo rhinoplasty. She’s also had an alar base reduction, which defines the tip of her nose. Whilst she works with some of the best make up artists in the world, the overall structure appears to have changed more dramatically than anything that could be achieved from make up, giving Kim a more symmetrical appearance to her face.


Kim’s dramatic weight gain and then loss with daughter North suggests she’s undergone liposuction to slim down and increase the tiny appearance of her waist. Usually, patients spend up to six weeks after the procedure avoiding physical exertion and wearing a compression garment, which would’ve been perfect timing for Kim whilst resting post birth.

If you’re interested in any of the cosmetic procedures mentioned above, contact Belvedere Clinic today.

Kim Kardashian West, Parramatta Westfield Sydney Australia by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer licensed under Creative commons 5


Thursday, October 26, 2017

How does tummy tuck surgery work?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, as it’s also known, is a popular cosmetic procedure for people who carry weight that they’re unable to shift through exercise or by following a healthy diet. Often weight in these instances is generated by genetics, and surgery can be an effective method of removing fat to smooth and define the body’s contours. The surgery removes fat or loose skin and works to tighten the abdominal muscles to give the stomach a more toned look.

How-does-tummy-tuck-surgery WORK?

If you’re considering surgery or want to know more about how the tummy tuck procedure works, read on below.


Who is the tummy tuck suitable for?

The tummy tuck procedure is suitable for both men and women and is popular with women who have been left with loose, sagging skin after pregnancy, as well as people who’ve lost a lot of weight but have their loose skin remaining. If you’re planning on future pregnancies a tummy tuck is not advisable as the surgery can affect your abdominal muscles, which could cause complications for you during your pregnancy and labour.

The procedure

The surgery can take between one and five hours depending on the type of tummy tuck you’re having, from a complete abdominoplasty to a partial abdominoplasty. You will be under general anaesthetic, or ‘asleep’, for the full procedure.

After the procedure

Your post care should involve ideally an overnight stay in the facility you have the procedure, or at least arrange for someone to drive you home after your operation. You might be asked to wear a compression bandage to complete the results of your surgery. You will have pain and some swelling after the operation, but your surgeon can advise on pain relief. You will also have some scarring after the procedure, which will never completely disappear but can dissolve over time with oils and ointments.

Celebrities including Kerry Katona have undergone successful tummy tuck procedures at the Belvedere Clinic. If you want to find out more about having a tummy tuck, then contact the Belvedere today on 0208 311 4464


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Monday, October 16, 2017

Facts about laser tattoo removal

For many people, laser tattoo removal is a great solution to inking that is no longer considered desirable or attractive.

As we go through different phases in our lives it’s understandable that things that were once important enough to be inked onto our bodies, no longer carry the same weight or relevance for us anymore. Laser tattoo removal is a great way to clear unwanted ink from your body, giving your skin a clear appearance once more. With almost 40 years’ experience in conducting laser tattoo removal treatments, we understand the pre and post-care treatments required to ensure you achieve your desired results.

Facts about laser tattoo removal

Below we’ve highlighted some facts about laser tattoo removal that you might not already know!

The treatment is non-invasive

Much like getting your tattoo, laser removal of your ink is a surface level, non-invasive treatment which requires no anaesthetic. For most tattoos, you need between 6-10 treatments depending on whether an amateur or professional tattoo artist completed your tattoo, and how deep into the skin the ink sits. The treatments take place over 3-6 months and are completed with fantastic results, using our cutting-edge technology.

Minimal pain and recovery

Having had a tattoo, you’ll be aware of a similar sensation on your skin which feels a little like hot fat pricking your skin. The pain is fleeting but can be sharp, hence part of the reason the treatments are spread over a series of months. You’ll be able to return to normal activity the same day as your treatment and the skin will return to normal within a couple of days.

Your skin is protected

The lasers used in the procedure emit short flashes of light which work to break down the ink in your skin. Because the lasers are so focused, you don’t need to worry about the rest of your skin being damaged, as the beams will only reach the areas of your skin which are tattooed.

If you want more information about having your tattoos removed by our laser technology, then contact the Belvedere clinic today on 0208 311 4464 or email We also offer a range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures which could help you achieve your goals and feel your best.

Butterfly Tattoo by LostinTexas licensed under Creative commons 4


Friday, October 13, 2017

Celebrities strive for the perfect pout

Celebrities strive for the perfect poutBeing a celebrity involves a lot of scrutiny under the media’s eye. Celebrities often see themselves plastered over the television, newspapers and Internet on a daily basis. For some celebrities, being constantly in the media prompts them to take the opportunity to enhance their looks.

Lip fillers are growing dramatically popular in the UK; after all, who doesn’t crave that perfect pout?

Twenty-four-year-old Megan McKenna recently had lip fillers done live on Snapchat and frequently shows off her plump pout to her Instagram followers. She has made herself a household name starring in many reality TV shows and prides herself on her immaculate appearance.

Another celebrity who has enhanced their lips to boost their self-esteem is Lateysha Grace. The MTV personality is extremely open about her surgery. She states, “I’m constantly looking at myself in the mirror and thinking, oh I want this bigger.” Lateysha is now able to flaunt her body and be confident in her own skin, regularly posting fearless body-positive photos online.

Charlotte Crosby is no stranger to getting lip fillers, and frequently jokes, “I was getting mine done way before Kylie Jenner!” Charlotte’s frequent selfies show her voluminous lips, and you can just see how confident she is in herself after being plumped up. Before, she states that she “had the thinnest top lip” but that she now “feels so much more confident.”

Another stunning starlet who praises lip fillers is Katie Price. She tells fans that she “loves them!”. Sharing the video of herself receiving injections into her pout on Loose Women, it’s clear to see that Katie hasn’t shied away from her love of surgery and regularly receives praise from fans on her attitude to enhancing herself physically.

If you’re having thoughts about getting your lips plumped up, take the opportunity to research how lip fillers will enhance your confidence and self-esteem, and get in touch with the team at the Belvedere. Lip fillers have the possibility to change your life for the better – some individuals are self-conscious about their image and require an enhanced appearance or just natural fullness in their lips. Take the plunge and get yourself a perfect pout!


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

So, what plastic surgery has Jane Fonda had done?

Hollywood legend Jane Fonda isn’t one to shy away from the subject of cosmetic surgery.

So, what plastic surgery has Jane Fonda had done?

However, the whole world is once again wondering exactly what the actress has had done following her recent appearance on NBC’s Today. During an interview alongside Robert Redford, Jane was quizzed by host Megyn Kelly about her history of plastic surgery.

Megyn asked: “You’ve been an example to everyone in how to age beautifully, and with strength. You’ve admitted you’ve had work done, which I think is to your credit.”

To which Jane responded: “We really want to talk about that right now?”

It seemed like Jane was sending the message that she was embarrassed about her history of going under the knife. In reality, the 79-year-old doesn’t tend to shy away from discussing the work she’s had done.

Talking about the awkward interview, Jane later told Entertainment Tonight: “I have had cosmetic surgery and I’ve talked about it. But it just seemed like the wrong time and place to raise that question.”

Back in 2011, Jane revealed that she was urged to undergo work after she began to dread looking in the mirror. She told Good Housekeeping: “I didn’t think that I would want to have anything done but it actually got to the point where I would startle myself when I saw my reflection in the mirror.” She added: “I felt so great after a good night’s sleep, and suddenly I’d look at a reflection of myself and didn’t look like I felt.”

In 2015, the actress would add that all the work had ‘bought her a decade’ during an interview with The Guardian.

Jane is believed to have undergone a variety of plastic surgery during her storied movie career. In particular, many surgeons – including Miami-based Dr. Michael Salzhauer – have said it’s likely that she’s undergone multiple facelifts. Jane is also thought to have had a neck lift, a brow lift, a nose job and Botox.

Follow Jane’s lead

Whether you choose to keep hush or shout it from the rooftops, everyone is welcome to follow Jane’s lead and try plastic surgery should they fancy. For more information on which procedure might be for you, get in touch with the Belvedere Clinic.

Jane Fonda by Diario Critico Venezuela licensed under Creative commons 4


Monday, October 9, 2017

Reality TV and the rise of plastic surgery

Reality TV and the rise of plastic surgeryReality TV and the rise of plastic surgery

Katie Price well known for plastic surgery

Getting a nose job in society these days is becoming as normal as eating a cooked dinner. Stars everywhere are striving for perfection and undergoing procedures to enhance their looks. Reality TV stars in particular, such as Charlotte Crosby, Vicky Pattinson and Ferne McCann, have all undergone rhinoplasty, breast enlargements, liposuction and body reshaping.

Stars who previously haven’t been happy with their features have opted for a change and in each case they have promoted their fantastic results.

But why have they gone to such lengths to alter their appearance?

Looking and feeling great

When talking about her surgeries, Charlotte Crosby said ‘you only live once’ and she prides herself on her plump lips and chiselled nose. Alternatively, while Ferne McCann now oozes confidence being snapped by the paparazzi, this wasn’t always the case. In an interview prior to her rhinoplasty, she broke down and said: “I was teased in school about my nose and I thought it was taking over my face.”

Sallie Axl has also dramatically transformed her appearance, showing her 117k Instagram followers her journey. She was quoted saying: “I know beauty comes from within but I know this is going to make me feel great!” Sallie has been open about her cosmetic procedures, live streaming her nose job and breast uplift from a hotel room.

Chasing the perfect pout

Lip fillers have also become extremely popular in the media, and the chase to get a perfect plump pout has competition from many stars. Megan McKenna, Katie Price, Holly Hagan and Lauren Goodger have all shown their improved pouts on social media and regularly stream their procedures on Snapchat.

While some reality TV stars opt for a more softer, less dramatic outcome, others prefer to go bigger and rounder. There’s no denying these procedures have changed these reality TV stars lives, and they don’t shy away from promoting and advertising their new cosmetically enhanced looks and style.

Greater self-esteem and confidence

Cosmetic surgery has allowed these stars to gain greater self-esteem and confidence about their bodies. Not only do they feel like they have improved their physical looks, but they promote a positive self-image and inform individuals that if you want surgery you should just go for it!

For more information on similar cosmetic procedures, contact us at Belvedere today.

Katie Price wearing Lloyd Klein to the EJAF Oscar Party by Lloyd Klein licensed under Creative commons 4


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Celebrities who have openly talked about their nose jobs

Rhinoplasty has hit the headlines lately, with Essex favourites Ferne McCann and James Argent both revealing the results of their nose jobs over the past year.

They’re not the only celebrities who have had rhinoplasty either. Below, we take a look at some of the famous faces that have talked openly about their nose jobs.

elebrities who have openly talked about their nose jobs

Bobby Norris – The TOWIE star is the latest celebrity to have rhinoplasty, after flying to Turkey for the procedure. He recently took to social media to post a picture of his bandaged face following the treatment.

Iggy Azalea – The popular star is well known for her catchy music and collaborations with the likes of Rita Ora and Charlie XCX. She is also known for being upfront about cosmetic surgery. She has openly discussed her nose job, as well as the jaw alteration and boob job she had at the same time.

Ashley Tisdale – The High School Musical actress is another one who cites health reasons for her cosmetic surgery. Ashley said that she was hyperventilating and struggling to breathe through her nose due to a deviated septum, and so she had a nose op in 2007.

Rebecca Adlington – The retired Olympic swimmer was openly unhappy with her appearance, after years of receiving cruel taunts about the way she looked. At the age of 27, she had her nose reduced and a bump removed.

Lauren Pope – DJ, fashionista, and TOWIE star, Lauren Pope, had his ‘n’ hers nose jobs with her then-boyfriend, Kirk Norcross, in 2011. Lauren said that she was really happy with how the surgery went.

Chloe Madeley – Chloe Madeley, the daughter of TV presenter couple Richard and Judy, is probably best known for being a fitness fanatic. However, last year she revealed that she had “finally fixed” her “wonky” nose, as she put it.

Charlotte Crosby – Last but not least, we have ex-Geordie Shore star, Charlotte Crosby. The reality TV favourite had surgery to straighten out the arch in her nose, as she never felt sexy and confident. Charlotte said that it was something she always wanted and, before the surgery, she would lock herself in her dressing room and cry while on photo-shoots. No more tears Charlotte!

If you’re thinking about having a nose job, or any other cosmetic surgery, why not get in touch with us at Belvedere Clinic?


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Facts about arm lift surgery

Facts-on-Arm-lift-surgeryIf you have excessive skin on the underneath of your arms it can leave you feeling uncomfortable, self-conscious and affect your confidence when wearing certain items.

Many people find that even with a healthy lifestyle this loose skin can show as skin loses its elasticity through ageing. Loose underarm skin can also be caused by weight loss, leaving skin looking baggy and stretched.

The good news is there’s a simple, straightforward procedure which can be undertaken to help remove an excess of loose skin – it’s a process called brachioplasty.

Below we’ve highlighted some key facts about undergoing arm lift surgery.

What can the procedure help with?

Brachioplasty surgery helps to get rid of excess skin underneath the arm which sags, often between the elbow and the armpit. It’s used to treat both men and women who suffer from loose skin under the arms.

How does the procedure work?

During the procedure, you’ll be under anaesthetic and the surgeon will work to remove fat from the inner back area of your arm. This could also include some elliptical skin from the very top of the arm near the armpit if there is a lot of loose skin there too.


The usual recovery time for the procedure is a few days of rest before you can resume lightweight activity. The procedure itself lasts for 2-3 hours, depending on the amount of skin to be removed, and you will be given a compression bandage after your operation to minimise swelling to the area. It generally takes between 3 and 4 weeks before you’re able to resume all activity including strenuous lifting to give your arms a full chance to recover and heal.

There can be scarring left after the procedure, but it is kept to a minimum by a trained surgeon performing the operation. If you’re interested in speaking to one of our expert staff about undergoing an operation to lift the skin around your arm area, then contact us today on 020 8311 4464.

If you want to learn more about all the cosmetic surgery procedures we offer at the Belvedere clinic, click here.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Geordie Shore stars’ cosmetic transformations

Many celebrities have undergone plastic surgery, enhancing their looks so that they always look their best wherever the paparazzi cameras follow them.

Whilst many celebs are private about the cosmetic enhancements they’ve made to their looks, the stars of MTV hit series Geordie Shore are open about the changes they’ve made.


Below we take a look at some of the cosmetic procedures the show’s stars have undergone, to update their looks.

Marnie Simpson

Marnie, one of the shows newer stars, has undergone several cosmetic procedures to enhance her already stunning natural looks. She’s had two breast enlargement surgeries and multiple lip filler injections to give her pout a plumper look.

Chloe Ferry

Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry has undergone multiple updates to her look, including Botox to smooth out the lines on her forehead, lip filler injections to give a fuller pout and dermal cheek fillers to balance out the shape of her face. She’s also undergone veneer treatment to her teeth, making multiple changes to her face whilst showing off her exercise and diet plan to help her shed weight on her social media channels.

Charlotte Crosby

One of the original members of the Geordie Shore crew, Charlotte has also become famous outside of the show for her weight loss and exercise DVDs. She’s more recently undergone cosmetic procedures to smooth out the shape of her nose using rhinoplasty surgery, and has botox on her forehead and lip fillers, like the rest of her female cast mates.

Holly Hagan

Holly’s also undergone a number of facial cosmetic procedures including veneers for her teeth, lip fillers and botox to give a more youthful appearance to her skin. Perhaps most famously she’s known for undergoing two boob jobs. After the first one went wrong, she says she now feels far more confident with her new boobs as the shape and size are perfect for her body.

If you’re interested in hearing more about any of the treatments listed above, then contact Belvedere Clinic today to see how we can help. With over 30 years of experience, our highly trained professionals understand exactly how to help our clients grow and develop their self-confidence and well-being through cosmetic procedures. For more information, call us today on 020 8311 4464.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Five celebs who’ve shared their plastic surgery stories

Although social media is often accused of creating an unrealistic image of what life is really like, there’s also an argument to be made that it has led to increasing transparency, especially amongst celebrities, who share even the minutiae of their days with their thousands of online followers.

Perhaps this is partially responsible for the increasing wave of men and women in the public eye who have been happy to open up about the cosmetic procedures they’ve undergone.

If you’re curious, here are just a few of the celebs who’ve recently shared their surgery stories…

Five celebs who’ve shared their plastic surgery stories#1: Kylie Jenner

Following months of speculation on the topic, Kylie Jenner made her big reveal on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, when she confessed to the cameras that: “I have temporary lip fillers. It’s just an insecurity of mine and it’s what I wanted to do.”

#2: Ashley Tisdale

High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale is another celebrity who’s been open about admitting to having surgery. Undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure in 2007, she claimed a deviated septum that affected her breathing had been primarily responsible for her decision.

#3: Kourtney Kardashian

Kylie Jenner is not the only member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan to have signed up for plastic surgery. Older sister Kourtney has also been open about undergoing cosmetic procedures to improve her appearance, after having a breast enlargement aged 21.

#4: Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea has admitted to having not just one procedure performed, but two: a rhinoplasty and a breast enlargement. Speaking of the latter, she said: “I don’t think you should be ashamed if you made a change to yourself, which is why I’ve spoken about the changes I’ve made, like with my breasts.”

#5: Britney Spears

Famous for her enduring career in pop, Britney Spears is another big name who’s been open about having a hand from the professionals. Stating in an interview that she has trialled both lip fillers and other procedures, she singer said: “A doctor I see [reputedly Beverley Hills surgeon Dr Raji Kanodia] does fun stuff to me sometimes – I’ve had lip injections before.”

It’s clear that plastic surgery is spoken about much more among celebs. If you’re contemplating going under the knife, can find the procedure that’s right for you by getting in touch with the Belvedere Clinic or more information.

Kylie Jenner by ahmedta licensed under Creative commons 5


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TOWIE’s James ‘Arg’ Argent shows off new nose after rhinoplasty

TOWIE favourite James ‘Arg’ Argent is happily flaunting his new nose.


The reality star – a staple of the ITV show since 2010 – recently splashed out £6,500 on a nose job because he was unhappy with his appearance.

He’s now sporting a huge smile across his face on new pictures posted to social media.

Prior to the operation, Arg revealed that the procedure was planned to remove a bump from his nose and reduce the size of his nostrils. The 29-year-old explained that he made the decision after his incredible four-stone weight loss. He said: “I’ve always known I’ve had a big nose, but where I’ve been so up and down with my weight for so many years, my nose didn’t stand out as much, but now I’ve lost four stone my features show a lot more and I’ve got this large bump and nostrils that are even more prominent.”

Arg added: “I think if I have the bump removed and the nostrils made smaller it will make me feel a lot more confident and be another step into helping me better myself since leaving rehab – and I’m not gonna lie, better looking and more attractive.”

Arg isn’t the only TOWIE star to treat himself to a nose job. In the past, both Ferne McCann and Mario Falcone have undergone the procedure and been thrilled with the results. Last month, fellow cast member Yazmin Oukhellou also had a nose job before revealing the results on Instagram.

The reality beauty wrote: “It has only been 2 weeks and I can already see the results are going to be amazing. I had a previous broken nose and deviated septum so surgery was the only option for me. I am so glad I did it as I was nervous at first but so happy that I can now breathe properly and that the small bump has gone.”

Is a nose job for you?

TOWIE stars aren’t the only ones who are allowed to have cosmetic surgery. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Arg and Yazmin with Rhinoplasty, be sure to get in touch with the Belvedere Clinic for more information about your chosen procedure.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Did you know this about rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is the cosmetic procedure involved in altering the appearance of the nose and is often referred to as a nose job.

Did-you-Know-about-Rhinoplasty ?

Depending on the results the patient is looking for from their surgery, the surgeon will generally look to alter the shape of the nose of the bridge, which may be bent or have a bump in it, the tip or the nostrils.

Because the nose is the centre point of the face, the procedure can vastly improve a patient’s confidence once the surgery and recovery are complete, as not only the shape of the nose but the appearance of the whole face will change too. Although rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures you can undergo, there are some facts about it you might not already know – read on below to find out more!

The procedure is as old as time

There are records of rhinoplasty surgery taking place from over 2,500 years ago, with techniques much like the ones used today. The reasons for the surgery have changed somewhat though, with a medical book from India discussing the surgery to help patients whose noses had been damaged in battle. The book and its procedures were then brought to England in the 18th century, and the rest, as they say – is history!

Why ‘plastic’ surgery?

One commonly asked question is why the procedures are referred to as plastic surgery when no instance of plastic is used in the surgery. The term was coined before modern plastic materials were developed and actually refers to the Greek word ‘plastikos’ and the Latin word ‘plasticus’ which when translated actually means to hold or shape, which is a perfect description of the procedures.

Why have rhinoplasty

Whilst rhinoplasty procedures are often carried out for cosmetic reasons, many people use the surgery as an opportunity to alter defects caused at birth, by accidents or illness.

A nose job, or rhinoplasty procedure, is a tried and tested cosmetic procedure that has given patients all over the world confidence-boosting results.

If you want to discuss your rhinoplasty with one of our expert team, call Belvedere clinic today on 020 8311 4464



Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fearne McCann is the latest star delighted with their new nose

As we’ve seen time and time again, cosmetic surgery has the ability to revolutionise a person’s confidence and self-esteem.


Whether it’s a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck or liposuction, there’s been no shortage of stars who’ve come out and said that their chosen nip or tuck has done them the world of good. When it comes to facial surgery, though, surely the procedure that elicits the most positive emotional responses from clients themselves is rhinoplasty.

Many people spend their lives tolerating a nose which they feel is too big and dominates their entire face or is an unflattering shape, especially in side profile, and over time this can come to define them. So, following a rhinoplasty, many stars seem to feel an overwhelming urge to share their new confidence and happiness with the world.

One such star is The Only Way is Essex cast member Fearne McCann, who revealed her new nose in August, live on This Morning. The star, who also presents segments on the morning TV show, explained during her interview that she had been teased at school about her nose and that she began to feel that it was ‘taking over her face’, stating that it was all she could see in the mirror. Despite this, Fern was adamant that she didn’t want the rhinoplasty surgery to change her entire look. This led the I’m a Celebrity star to request that her surgeon make the change to her nose subtle, and ask that they simply concentrate on removing the bump on the bridge of her nose. Nonetheless, the effect on Fern’s confidence has been massive, as she said that previously, despite appearing confident, on the inside her dislike of her nose ‘really fazed her’.

This feeling will be familiar to Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby, who after debuting her new nose last year stated that her surgeon was a miracle worker and that she was thrilled with the results. She too had been unhappy with the arch of her nose, explaining that she had never felt sexy and would often break down in tears whilst filming Geordie Shore. Yet more celebrities who’ve loved their rhinoplasty results have been Towie’s Lauren Pope and Kirk Norcross who had his ‘n’ hers nose jobs in 2012, as well as Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington, who had an overall nose reduction as well as having a bump on the bridge removed.

If you feel that Nose Reshaping Surgery could help your self-confidence, get in touch with us at The Belvedere Clinic for more information or to book a consultation.


Monday, September 11, 2017

Which celebs have had boob jobs?

Which celebs have had boob jobs?As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available, many celebrities have undergone breast augmentation surgery

whether to enlarge, or reshape the natural shape of their breasts. The surgery is so effective, and technologies have advanced to make the results of surgery so natural looking, that there’s probably people in the list below you didn’t even know had undergone the surgery.

Read on to find out who which celebs have undergone a boob job!

Christina Aguilera

The pop superstar has never directly admitted to undergoing surgery, but throughout her career the shape of her boobs appear to have changed quite significantly. Part of this could be due to the fact her career started quite a few years ago now, but other images show what look suspiciously like breasts surgery scars under her arms.

Hayden Panettiere

The pint size actress has always had small breasts, mirroring the rest of her tiny frame, but was spotted in a bikini with a far greater curve to her chest than has previously been seen. Considering such a dramatic change in her appearance, it’s highly likely she has undergone an enlargement procedure at some point.

Sarah Jessica Parker

One celeb who’s not trying to keep her surgery a secret is Sarah Jessica Parker, who led the cast of the wildly successful TV show Sex and the city. She was very open about being born with small breasts, and embracing the opportunity to undergo breast augmentation surgery in order to increase their size.

Kelly Rowland

As one third of Destiny’s Child – Kelly is one of the most successful pop stars on the planet. She openly discussed thinking about implants from the age of 18, but waited until she was in her late twenties to finally undergo the surgery she’d wanted for so long.

If you want to book an appointment for breast augmentation surgery, or discuss your options with an expert, contact Belvedere clinic today by clicking here: With our customer care at the heart of everything we do, we can help you achieve your desired results in a safe, supportive environment.

Sarah Jessica Parker by David Shankbone by david_shankbone licensed under Creative commons 4


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Interesting facts about getting a boob job

Undergoing breast enlargement surgery or a ‘boob job’, as it’s often known, is one of the most popular and routine forms of plastic surgery.

Interesting facts about getting a boob job

Many people opt to undergo the surgery to increase the size or reshape the appearance of their breasts, with many finding the results of their surgery greatly enhance their confidence and self-esteem after.

With so many celebrities having undergone the procedure and possibly even family or friends, you might think you know everything there is to know about the procedure. Below we’ve listed some interesting – and relatively unknown – facts about getting a boob job so that you have everything you need in mind when making the decision to undergo surgery.

Your first may not be your last

Your first breast enhancement surgery very likely won’t be your last. Depending on the age you undergo the procedure and your reasons for surgery, you could be in the 25% of people who need to undergo a further surgery in 10 years. This is simply because breast implants don’t last forever, and not having the surgery redone could cause serious medical issues. You may develop scar tissue around the surgery which changes the shape of your breasts, requiring further surgery. Other factors, including weight loss, pregnancy or simply a preference change between your first surgery and your current life status, could see you looking to change your look through another procedure.

Recovery might not be as long as you think!

Usually, you can return to non-manual work within 5-7 days after your surgery, but you should always follow the lead of how you feel and your GP’s advice before you go back. If, however, you’ve chosen to opt for the implant behind the muscle instead of on top, it can take a little longer for recovery. This procedure is usually opted for as there is less chance of a situation called a ‘scar shell’ forming around the implant, which can cause complications down the line.

Try before you buy!

You can decide which size you’d like your breast implants to be by trying ‘sizers’ stuffed into your bra to see how the shape will look. These are usually a bead-filled neoprene sack, which helps to give an idea of how your chest will look after surgery. Or if you choose the Belvedere Clinic they currently have a 3D SIMULATION PLATFORM FOR OUR BREAST SURGERY CUSTOMERS — WITH IMMERSIVE VISUALISATION, this is offered as standard with your free consultation

Want to find out more about the breast implant surgical procedure? Contact the team at Belvedere today.


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lauren Goodger reveals she’s considering liposuction

TOWIE babe Lauren Goodger has revealed that she is contemplating having liposuction.


The reality star – once famed for her doomed relationship with Mark Wright – has reinvented herself in recent years as a weight-loss goddess.

However, it appears that Lauren is struggling to keep the pounds off through just diet and exercise alone. So much so that the 30-year-old is now considering plastic surgery to help her slim down once and for all.

In a new interview, Lauren told Closer magazine: “I fell off the wagon and I’ve put the weight back on [after releasing my fitness DVD]. I reckon I’m a size 12 now and I’m scared I might get bigger. I don’t know what else to do. Go back to the gym, diet and hate my life? I’ve spoken to friends about liposuction or a gastric band.”

She added: “I’d do anything like that if it meant I saw results fast. I’m sick of yo-yoing. I’ve tried everything else so surgery seems like the right option.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time that Lauren has gone under the knife. The starlet has previously undergone a number of procedures, including lip fillers (which she kept for five years) and a rumoured bum lift. In 2004, she also revealed that she’d had a boob job to go from a 34D to a 34E. On that occasion, she also claimed that she was inspired to undergo the operation because of her fluctuating size.

She told new! magazine: “I’ve always had big boobs and where I’ve done extreme yo-yo dieting, exercise and then not doing anything at all, I felt like my chest had lost a bit of volume on the top. They’re very similar to my old boobs but they’ve got more volume rather than them flopping down a bit.”

Are you unhappy your figure?

Lauren is proof that you don’t have to suffer in silence if you’re unhappy with your figure. Instead, you can overhaul your image with the help of cosmetic surgery. Whether you fancy an operation like liposuction or a Breast Enlargement, you should get in touch with Belvedere to explore your options.


Monday, September 4, 2017

Three things you probably didn’t know about liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the market,


Even though the procedure is so popular there are several facts about liposuction you probably didn’t know. Read on below to find out what they are!

The Liposuction procedure helps people who are trying to lose weight with a quick, effective solution to their goals, giving the body a slimmer, more toned appearance using a process of ‘sucking’ fat from the body, usually from areas including the neck, chin, backs of the upper arms, stomach, buttocks and thighs.

Both plastic surgeons and dermatologists perform liposuction

Your procedure is likely to be carried out by either a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. The plastic surgeon will specialise in aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries, whilst the dermatologist will treat any skin conditions you may have prior to or post surgery.

It isn’t for obese people

There’s a common misconception that a liposuction procedure is only suitable for people who are severely overweight or obese, but this isn’t the case. The treatment does focus on fat removal, but it isn’t a treatment for obesity or weight loss. The best results from liposuction are usually achieved by people who are around 30% of their ideal body weight. The procedure will remove fat which has not responded to improved diet or exercise – but to maintain the results, these areas must be focused on post surgery. Fat that doesn’t respond to regular exercise or a healthy diet is likely to be more genetically based than as a result of your lifestyle.

Lasers are used to help break down fat

Newer methods of liposuction include the use of ultrasound or lasers which help to liquefy the fat stored in the body, making it easier to break down and remove. These techniques also help to minimise bruising and swelling caused by the treatment and can also help to speed up recovery. By using lasers during liposuction, it can also increase the amount of areas of built up fat that can be treated during a single session.

If you’re interested in undergoing a liposuction procedure and want more information, contact Belvedere Clinic today on 0208 311 4464 or click here ( to book a free consultation.


Friday, September 1, 2017

Millennial men ‘extremely likely’ to consider cosmetic surgery

A new report has found that a high percentage of millennial men are ‘extremely likely’ to consider cosmetic surgery.

Millennial men ‘extremely likely’ to consider cosmetic surgery

The research, conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, surveyed 618 men about their desire to change their appearance. In total, 31% said that they would be ‘extremely likely’ to consider a procedure in future – with the majority of these affirmative answers (92%) coming from those who fell into the category of millennials.

Of those people who confessed that they were open to going under the knife, the report also questioned their motivation for wanting to achieve the perfect appearance. It was found that the primary reasons for change stemmed from social media and a growing interest in celebrity culture.

What procedures are men considering?

The research found that the most popular procedures that men were undergoing included facelifts, nose jobs and hair transplants. In fact, 60% of non-millennials claimed that losing their hair was the number one trend that they would like to reverse. However, it would seem that the younger generation are still interested in this treatment, too.

Celeb role models

This month, X Factor star Jake Quickenden revealed that he had undergone a hair transplant. Speaking on Loose Women, the television personality, 28, said that he chose the procedure to boost his self-esteem ahead of marrying girlfriend Danielle Fogarty. Jake explained: “I didn’t want to walk down the aisle feeling less confident so one of the main reasons was so I could feel as confident as she can.”

He continued: “I think it will change how I feel. It was not an issue about saying it was done. You are always going to get someone saying something bad – I can’t care. It’s about sorting it out for myself. It is a big deal for many men and the amount of comments from guys saying thanks for being so open about – well, if it’s helped in that way it’s great.”

Are you considering having work done?

It’s clear that plastic surgery is becoming a much more popular option for men. If you’re contemplating going under the knife, can find the procedure that’s right for you by getting in touch with the Belvedere Clinic or more information.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Has John Travolta had plastic surgery?

John Travolta is one of Hollywood’s best-loved actors with a career that’s spanned many of the most famous films including Grease and Saturday Night Fever.


His changing appearance hasn’t gone unnoticed and in his more recent performance in The People vs OJ Simpson, Travolta appeared to have had a number of cosmetic procedures.

Below we take a look at the very different look the actor has been sporting recently and the likely procedures that have altered it.

Aside from his perma-tan in the show, Travolta had also clearly had a weave in his hair giving his locks a thicker, full-colour look. For 62 years old, his forehead also appeared extremely smooth, suggesting the actor had undergone a series of Botox treatments, to work out any lines caused my frowning and ageing.

The area under his eyes also appears to have been smoothed out suggesting he’s had a blepharoplasty in the last few years. Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that aims to correct defects around the eyelids, including deformities, colouration defects and lines to balance out the aesthetic of the eye region, giving a more youthful look.

During the show, the lines around his mouth also appeared to have reduced, which would suggest he’d used Dermal filler injections to smooth over the wrinkles that naturally develop with age.

It could be that the actor underwent the cosmetic procedures he did to take on the look of Robert Shapiro, the lawyer Travolta was playing in the show. The thick-set brow bone and bushy eyebrows Travolta sported during the TV show were highly reminiscent of the lawyer’s actual look and facial shape.

For someone aged 62, Travolta has maintained his youthful look exceptionally well over the years helping him retain his heartthrob status.

If you’re interested in undergoing any of the procedures mentioned above to reduce the impact of ageing on your face, contact the Belvedere clinic today. With over 30 years of expertise in the cosmetic surgery field, you will feel confident you’re being cared for by specialists who can help you achieve your goals through cosmetic procedures. For more information contact Belvedere clinic today on 020 8311 4464


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

3 interesting facts about the tummy tuck

Tummy tucks are an ideal way to get rid of any excess fat that cannot be removed by dieting or exercising.

3 interesting facts about the tummy tuck

In most cases, the procedure aims to tighten the muscles and give you a toned core to give you the silhouette you have always dreamed of. If you are interested in learning more about the tummy tuck, here are three interesting facts you may never have realised about the procedure:

1. It was first developed over 100 years ago

Whilst many presume that the tummy tuck is a fairly modern procedure, it was actually first developed over 100 years ago. Despite this, the technique is still quite a contemporary procedure in comparison to other plastic surgery procedures which were first invented in Ancient Greece and Rome.

The tummy tuck was initially performed as a medical procedure to treat conditions such as an umbilical hernia, however, it was in 1890 that the French discovered it could also be used to improve body contouring, which is what we see performed today.

2. Liposuction was only introduced in the 1980s

Within the last 40 years, the methods of tummy tuck procedures have improved dramatically. During the 1960s and 1970s, scars became minimised and body contouring methods had developed. Yet, it was only as recently as 1988 that the revolutionary liposuction procedure was introduced, meaning that all body sizes and shapes could undergo the procedure to improve their silhouette with dramatic results.

3. There are various types of tummy tuck

Although tummy tucks are usually considered as a generalised term, there are a number of different types to suit a range of body types. The most minor procedure is known as the mini tummy tuck which involves the removal of loose skin on the lower abdomen. On the other hand, the full tummy tuck removes large amounts of excess skin and tightens the muscles which targets the entire torso.

If you would like any further information on tummy tuck procedures, please contact us via our website or visit our blog for related topics and updates on the latest celebrity cosmetic surgery procedures, available here:


Friday, August 25, 2017

Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Who’s had cosmetic surgery?

The Nation is Once Again Gripped By Celebrity Big Brother.

Celebrity Big-Brother-2017- cosmetic surgery?

Earlier this month, a string of famous faces entered the television house – and viewers were quick to notice that the majority of them looked both young and glamorous.

But is it all natural? Well, not in every case. In fact, several of this year’s contestants have previously been very open about going under the knife to heighten their fabulous appearance. With this in mind, here’s who’s had work done on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

Jemma Lucy

Ex on the Beach star Jemma Lucy has undergone a string of operations to achieve her look. Just some of the procedures she’s admitted to include a boob job, liposuction, a bum lift and Botox. Prior to joining the show, Jemma said that she was inspired to have a breast enlargement because of Katie Price. The 29-year-old recently told Closer: “When I began glamour modelling, I was massively inspired by Katie and the way she looked, so I went for the biggest implants I could have.”

Brandi Glanville

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville isn’t holding her tongue in the house. It’s really no surprise given that the reality star has previously been very open about her personal life – not to mention her experiences of going under the knife. In 2014, Brandi confessed to Radar Online: “I’ve had my boobs done and my vagina tightened.” The American star had since dished the same details for audiences on Channel 5.

Sarah Harding

Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding has previously denied that her appearance isn’t totally natural. Last year she went on This Morning and insisted ‘I haven’t had plastic surgery’ during a candid chat with hosts James Martin and Anita Rani. However, fans are dubious over this – especially considering that Sarah once admitted to having lip fillers during an interview with Fabulous in 2011. She’s also rumoured to have had cheek fillers and Botox.

Flawless looks aren’t just for celebrities

These ladies look absolutely amazing – and if you’d like to achieve a similar look with the assistance of cosmetic surgery, then we’d love to talk to you about our options here at the Belvedere.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Kylie Jenner reignites boob job rumours with stunning bikini selfie

Kylie Jenner reignites boob job rumours with stunning bikini selfieKylie Jenner is often the hottest story in Los Angeles.

And with a single sizzling selfie, she has set the gossip sites on fire with talk of a shapely new breast augmentation.

In a picture posted to Snapchat, Kim Kardashian’s youngest sister appeared to have undertaken a boob job which took her chest up several sizes. Jenner herself has not responded to the comments but she in notoriously silent on the question of plastic surgery.

Jenner, 19, has previously turned to a top US surgeon to plump her limps with fillers to enhance her bombshell status. It took several years to eventually confirm she had been having fillers lasting between two and four months since she was 17 years old.

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery rumours

Kylie is not the first in her family to go under the knife. Kim is alleged to have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure as the shape of her nose has clearly changed completely since she burst on the celebrity scene at the turn of the decade.

The most famous member of the Kardashian dynasty is also alleged to have had several sets of breast implants to achieve her idea of the perfect body. Top surgeons have speculated she also undertook sessions of liposuction to shape her hard to slim areas after two difficult pregnancies.

Kris Jenner under the knife

Kylie and Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, is also a fan of plastic surgery. She freely admits to having had Botox, fillers, lasers and breast surgery. She even had a facelift as part of an episode of their long-running show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Rumours abound that she may have added a number of nose jobs to that list, one as recently as this year.

Kourtney Kardashian, the second of Kris’s daughters, is equally frank about her breast augmentation. She had the op to increase several cup sizes back in college and laughs off the speculation, saying she could care less whether people knew or not. Surgeons say she may have also reshaped her nose and liposuction around her face.

Thinking of having a boob job like Kylie Jenner or another procedure undertaken by the Kardashian/Jenner clan? Contact the team at Belvedere today.

141689_7344 by Disney | ABC Television Group licensed under Creative commons 6


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Amber Rose is contemplating breast reduction surgery

Amber Rose is contemplating going under the knife – but not before picking the brains of her 15.8 million followers on Instagram.


The model – who has previously denied ever undergoing cosmetic surgery – has revealed that she’s considering a breast reduction.

In a candid post to her fans, she explained that her ‘boobs are stupid heavy’ and that she is reaching the end of her tether with them. The 33-year-old wrote: “I’m thinking about getting a breast reduction this year. My boobs are stupid heavy, my back hurts and I can’t wear cute lil shirts without a grandma bra.”

Amber – who currently lays claim to a 36H chest – was keen to hear from other women who had undergone the procedure, before reiterating that her breasts are natural. She added: “And no I don’t have implants so they can’t just cut around the nipples.”

Over the years Amber has maintained that she’s yet to have cosmetic surgery, despite rumours that she’s had a bum lift and lip fillers. If Amber does go ahead with the operation, she’ll join a long list of celebrity women who have been open about reducing the size of their chest. This includes Modern Family star Ariel Winter and actress Queen Latifah.

One of the original celebrities to admit to a breast reduction was Drew Barrymore. The former child star underwent the operation in 1992 when she was just 17-years-old. Much like Amber, Drew explained that it was back pain which drove her to consider the procedure. In 1999, she told the New York Daily News: “I really love my body and the way it is right now. There’s something very awkward about women and their breasts because men look at them so much. When they’re huge, you become very self-conscious. Your back hurts. You find that whatever you wear, you look heavy in. It’s uncomfortable.”

Don’t suffer in silence

You don’t need to be a celebrity to reap the rewards of a breast reduction. Much like Amber, there’s no need for anyone to suffer in silence if they’re unhappy with the size of their chest. For information on undergoing a breast reduction, get in touch with Belvedere today.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Will Katie Price have her 9th boob job?

Will Katie-price have her 9th boob jobKatie Price has made a successful career out of flaunting her enviable assets and cosmetically enhanced features.


With breast implants up to a 32GG cup, Katie has undergone the knife several times to boost her looks and is one of the most talked about celebs when it comes to plastic surgery. Below we’ve taken a look at the different procedures she’s had, and consider whether she’s set to undergo her 9th boob job.

Where it all began

Katie had her first boob job aged 18, increasing her cup size from 32B to a 32C, a procedure paid for by her parents it’s believed. She was already glamour modelling, although she didn’t go topless till she was 18, and said at the time that bigger boobs would help her feel more confident. Just before she was 19 she went up another two cup sizes to a DD. Since then she’s continually increased the size of her breasts through surgery but has recently stated she wants them reduced from their current 32GG before her 40th birthday.

Nose job

Katie launched her modelling career with her natural nose but chose to fly to America in 2007 to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure.

Other cosmetic enhancements

Katie has used cosmetic surgeries to constantly maintain her youthful, glamorous looks including her 8 boob jobs, rhinoplasty, lip fillers to create a fuller pout, botox injections to maintain the smoothness of her skin and teeth veneers to create her stunning white Hollywood smile. She’s also rumoured to have had a tummy tuck and buttock enhancements to maintain her curves as she continues to model.

Katie herself has claimed she will have a boob reduction before her 40th birthday in May 2018, and after having undergone so many procedures thus far, it seems quite likely she could commit to yet another round of cosmetic surgery.

If you’re looking to enhance your natural looks with cosmetic surgery, then call our expert team at the Belvedere Clinic today. We have been providing patient-centred procedures for our clients for over 30 years, helping out patients to directly boost their self-confidence through the procedures we carry out. For more information, call Belvedere today on 0208 311 4464